East Coast Meets West Coast – A Dale Chihuly Exhibit at New York’s Botanical Gardens

Float Boat at NY Botanical Gardens

Last Updated on 10/27/20 by Rose Palmer

If you live within driving distance of New York city or are planning a trip before the end of October, I recommend a visit to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the current exhibit by master glass artist Dale Chihuly in this beautiful garden setting.

I have already written about how much I like the glass art works of Dale Chihuly and my experience on the Tacoma Chihuly Trail, so when I learned that he was be setting up another exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens, I had to make the three hour drive to see it. I chose a day that also included viewing the glass pieces lit up at night.

The exhibit has all the elements you would expect from a Chihuly installation. They are scattered throughout the gardens, artfully displayed to compliment their environment. See them by daylight, and then again lit up at night for a completely different experience.

The New York Botanical Gardens is a unique green oasis in a city that is more famous for its steel and concrete than its green spaces. I was surprised to learn that at the heart of the garden is an old growth forest that has never been logged with trees that are over 200 years old. The gardens cover about 250 acres, and the Chihuly exhibit will only take you through about a third of the grounds.  If you want to experience all of the gardens, you’ll need a good part of a day.

Sol del Citrón        

Red Reeds on Logs

Blue Polyvitro Crystals

Sapphire Star

Float Boat and Koda Study

White Belugas

Machia Forest

Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower

Neon 206

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Chihuly in New York's Botanical GArdensChihuly in New York's Botanical GArdensChihuly in New York's Botanical GArdens