PhotoPOSTcard: Want to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

“If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you”

Since it was built, New York’s Brooklyn Bridge has become a symbol of ultimate gullibility.

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PhotoPOSTcard: World Trade Center Oculus – Not Your Typical Train Station


If you are heading to visit the 9/11 memorial in New York City, the first space you will experience is the Oculus – the train station terminal located at the World Trade Center. From the outside, the Oculus looks like a large white dove taking flight. On the inside, the Oculus is an all white, modern, large, open space. I found the bright and airy building with its soaring architecture very uplifting, not unlike being in one of the large Gothic cathedrals in Europe. A fitting prelude to the somber and peaceful 9/11 memorial.

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PhotoPOSTcard: I Left My Heart in San Francisco

All great cities have an iconic piece of architecture that uniquely identifies them at a glance. Paris has its Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben and Rome has the Colosseum. In the USA, one of the most recognizable structures is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Colorful Portrait Session in Gion

As my husband and I walked around the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan early one morning, we came upon this colorful couple posing for formal photos. There were about four or five people involved with the staging and photography, posing the couple this way and that, fixing creases on the clothes, moving the umbrella slightly to the left, changing the white umbrella to a red one. Then it was time for photos of just the young woman by herself, with the husband?, fiance?, boyfriend? hanging out in the background, looking pretty bored. I presume this was a special and happy event for the two of them, but neither one cracked a smile the whole time. I sure hope they lived happily ever after.

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Photo POSTcard: Finding Christmas in Japan

During my trip to Japan this November, I was surprised at how many Christmas decorations I saw throughout my travels. I did not expect to find Christmas in Japan.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion – Kinkaku-Ji Temple

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Photo POSTcard: Toyokuni Shrine – The Hall of One Thousand Tatami Mats

The Island of Miyajima is best known for the large floating tori gate in its harbor and for the Itsikushima shrine which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the buildings that make up the Itsikushima compels is the Toyokuni Shrine which has the nick name “Hall of One Thousand Tatami Mats” because of its large size.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Not Your Typical Mt. Fuji View

Most photos of Mt. Fuji  in Japan show clear blue skies and cherry blossoms or autumn leaves in the foreground. This photo is probably more realistic though. 

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Foliage Festival Food Stall In Japan

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Photo POSTcard: Shichi-Go-San – Japan’s Cutest Festival

The Japanese love their varied festivals and holidays.  For a visitor, the festival with the highest adorable factor has to be Shichi-Go-San, or the 3-5-7 festival which refers to the ages of the children that participate.

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