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2 12 2018

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Photo Location – The HOPE sculpture by Robert Indiana at the intersection if 7th Ave. and 53 Str. in New York City.

Robert Indiana is better known for his LOVE sculptures which can be found all over the world. His first sculpture was created in 1970 and can be seen at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. There are now over 70 versions of this sculpture around the world in English as well as other languages.

The first HOPE sculpture was created for the 2008 Democratic National convention, and since then, other versions have also been installed around the world.

The quote is by Christopher Reeve, a well known actor who portrayed Superman in the 1970’s and 1980’s movies. He became completely paralyzed after an equestrian accident in 1995, yet despite his haircap continued with a career in the film industry and also as an activist.

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Once you choose hope, anything is possible. HOPE sculpture in New York city