Washington DC Photography – Inspiring Creativity in Black and White

Washingotn DC photography in black and white

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Politics in Washington DC may be gray at times, but the city photographs beautifully in black and white, especially in winter when there isn’t much natural color anyway. On a recent visit, armed with a new camera lens, I challenged myself to shoot Washington DC in black and white. Hoping that my Washington DC photography will inspire your next winter visit.

This story was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the 2018 North American Travel Journalists Association Competition in the  Photography, Photo Essay-Online category.

I have visited many great cities around the world and from an architectural perspective, I think Washington DC ranks right up there with London, Paris and Rome. I always enjoy visiting the US capitol, regardless of the time of year. The many museums always have a new exhibit to explore and I never tire of seeing the many monuments and memorials around the tidal basin, especially during spring cherry blossom season.

Each trip I try to do and see a sight I have not visited before. On one weekend trip I made it a point to discover all the monuments and memorials dedicated to women.

On this particular winter weekend, I just ambled to many of my favorite sights and tried to find new ways to look at them with my camera.

My Washington DC Photography

US Supreme Court Building
US Supreme Court building - Washington DC photography
Hallway leading into the US Supreme Court
Library of Congress
A beautiful space in color or in black and white
Capital Building
Very old school photography
The light matches the dome of the Capitol
Looking up into the Capital Rotunda Dome
The White House
White House
There are now three fences between the people and the people’s house
The Washington Monument
Selfie at the Washington Monument
Selfie at the Washington Monument
World War II Memorial
World War II memorial
World War II memorial – a wreath for every state
The Reflecting Pool
Washington Monument reflection in the Reflecting Pool
Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Ice breaks up the refection in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
This is why it is called the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
The Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
A larger than life President Lincoln – in every way
Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial
Remembering  all the veterans of the Vietnam war
Vietnam Veterans Women’s Memorial
Remembering the brave women of the Vietnam war
Korean War Veteran’s Memorial
The very lifelike Korean War Veteran’s Memorial
Martin Luther King Junior Memorial
“Out of a mountain of despair a stone of hope”
FDR Memorial
Fala and her master
A quote that is just as applicable today
The Tidal Basin
Just swimming with the George Washington Monument
The Jefferson Memorial
Wonder if this perspective was planned
Hanging out with Tom
Pentagon 9/11 Memorial
Honoring each person lost
Women in Military Service for America Memorial
A memorial to all the women that have served in the US military

Arlington Cemetery

So many brave men and women

Washington DC is a great place to visit any time of year, with lots to see and experience. The beauty of visiting in winter is that it is not crowded, and as you can see from these photos, I think it is just as beautiful.

One of the best things about a trip to Washington DC is that there is so much to see and do that is free. Visit the National Park District site to learn all about the many sites you can visit in the District of Columbia. The many Smithsonian Museums are also free to visit.

Another great city to visit in winter especially if you are on a budget is Chicago.

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