Rowan’s Forest Friends Quilt – An Elizabeth Hartrman Quilt Design

My son: “You know mom, the wall in your grandson’s room would look really good with a quilt hanging on it”.

How could I ignore a hint like that.

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Skiing Park City During the Sundance Film Festival

Though we travel quite a bit, my husband’s favorite trip each year is his annual winter ski trip out west. Each year he tries to go somewhere new or some place where he has not been for a long time. This year, he chose skiing Park City during the Sundance Film Festival.

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PhotoPOSTcard: In Jordanelle State Paark

About 20 minutes west of Park City, Utah is the Jordanelle State Park. The park sits on the shores of a reservoir formed from the damming of the Provo River. While there were no open facilities in winter, the roads in the park were plowed and made for a pleasant drive to take in the surrounding scenery.

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“California Dreamin” – Original Quilt Design

Quilt Inspiration – The colors of the surf and sand. I used two charm packs in shades of blue and yellow by Stonehenge to design a quilt that reminds me of a warm day on a California beach. I set half square triangle blocks in a fishhook pattern, randomly mixing the different shades of blue and gold together.

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PhotoPOSTcard: A Classic California Sunset

I love to watch sunrises and sunsets over water. But since I am not much of a morning person, sunsets on the west coast are my favorite. This one was especially dramatic as the tide was going out at Asilomar State Beach on the Monterrey Peninsula in California.  I was there in 2017 for a quilting class with the Empty Spools program. More on that to come.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Blue Hour Over The Golden Gate

All great cities have an iconic structure that identifies them at a glance.  Paris has the Eiffel Tower. London has Big Ben. And San Francisco is easily recognized by its Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is one of the most beautiful suspension bridges in the world, and certainly the most photographed. When it was built in 1933, it was both the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world at that time. The bridge’s characteristic orange color was chosen to make it more visible during the periods of fog that often roll into San Francisco Bay.

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Photo Inspirations

Photo location:  A close up of the larger than life monument of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in Washington DC. Just around the corner from the FDR Memorial, this is one of my favorite sections along the Tidal Basin. Winter is a great time of year to visit because there are no crowds.

For more photos of Washington DC, please check out the NATJA award winning Photo Essay:Washington DC in Black and White.

Martin Luther King Jr memorial and quote #martinlutherking #quote #inspirationalquote

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Thank You NATJA for Recognizing Quiltripping with 8 Awards

Once again this year,the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) has recognized my work on this website in their annual awards competition.  Last year, in 2017, my new website received a bronze and three Finalist recognitions (you can read the list of winners here). This year, the 2018 competition recognized my work in eight different categories, rewarding both my writing and photography. I am honored to be in the company of winning journalists, writers and photographers from publications such as National Geographic Traveler, The New York Times, and  the Washington Post, as well as many seasoned travel bloggers.

The links to this year’s winning submissions are listed below.

Honorable Mention – Historical Travel – Online Publication

The Hiroshima Peace Park – A Continuing Classroom For Peace

Honorable Mention – Illustrated Story – Online Publication

Camping Like a Vaderbilt – The Illusion of Roughing it at Camp Sagamore

Silver – Featured Photo, Illustration, Online

Hunting for Gold in Colorado – Aspen Gold

Bronze – Portrait, People, Online

PhotoPOSTcard: A Study in Contrasts

Bronze  Architecture, Online

PhotoPOSTcard: Reflecting on a Perfect Morning in Istanbul

Bronze – Nature, Online

PhotoPOSTcard: Can You Count to One Million?

Honorable Mention – Photo Essay, Online

Photo Essay: Washington D.C. in Black and White

Honorable Mention – Arts and Culture, Online

PhotoPOSTcard: The Dogs of Istanbul


Thank you NATJA for validating the quality of my work and for the continuing support. Thank you also to all those of you that keep coming back to read my stories and look at my photos.


Be a Quilt Volunteer – A List of Places to Donate Quilts

Do You love to quilt but don’t know what to do with everything you make? Is your fabric stash getting unmanageably large? Do you have too many UFO’s (unfinished objects)? Do you have fabrics you are no longer thrilled with? Do you have  bins full of scraps? There are a large number of organizations that are thrilled to receive finished quilts or quilting supply donations. I’ve put together a list of places to donate your quilts or  unwanted sewing supplies.

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Reflections From 2018

2018 was an especially good year for travel. I was fortunate to be able to travel somewhere fun almost every month, both in the US and overseas. Many of the locations were new to me, including a new continent-Africa. I also revisited some of my favorite cities-London, Istanbul and Washington D.C. I have written about my experiences for many of these destinations-but some are still sitting in my draft que, waiting to be finished (one of the resolutions for 2019 before I start traveling again).

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