Photo Inspirations

Photo location – Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan.  In a land known for its graceful and serene gardens, Hibiya Park is unusual in that it is designed in the western garden style.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Colorful Portrait Session in Gion

As my husband and I walked around the Gion district of Kyoto, Japan early one morning, we came upon this colorful couple posing for formal photos. There were about four or five people involved with the staging and photography, posing the couple this way and that, fixing creases on the clothes, moving the umbrella slightly to the left, changing the white umbrella to a red one. Then it was time for photos of just the young woman by herself, with the husband?, fiance?, boyfriend? hanging out in the background, looking pretty bored. I presume this was a special and happy event for the two of them, but neither one cracked a smile the whole time. I sure hope they lived happily ever after.

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Why You Should Visit the Tokyo International Quilt Festival Even if You Don’t Quilt

It is the largest quilt show in the world. Visit the Tokyo International Quilt Festival at the end of January to see the masterpieces of Japan’s best textile artists on display.

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A Visit to Japan’s Snow Monkey Park – A Look in the Mirror

Ever since I watched the PBS Nature episode about Japanese snow monkeys, I hoped that one day I might be able to see them in person. In the winter of 2016 when my husband and I visited japan, we took the opportunity for a visit to Japan’s Snow Monkey Park.  The experience with the snow monkeys was as engaging and entertaining as anything I could have wished for. In many ways, it was like looking in a mirror.

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Photo Inspirations

This week’s inspiration is in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s real birthday which is today, Jan. 15. Sharing one of Dr. King’s more than 200 memorable quotes. 

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A Day in Miyajima – Japan’s Most Sacred Island

Miyajima, Japan is most famous for the photos of its floating torii gate. But this lovely little island offers up lots of gorgeous scenery, both man made and natural. Read on to find out about my experiences as I spent a day in Miyajima.

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Photo Inspirations

With the beginning of a new year comes goal setting and resolutions. One of my resolutions is to continue to inspire you.  To that end, I am starting a new series featuring my favorite travel photos combined with my favorite quotes.

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The Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park – A Continuing Classroom for Peace

As a teenager, I learned about the devastating effects of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. As an adult many years later, I visited the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park, and encountered present day Japanese teenagers learning their history in this living classroom for peace.

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Reflections From 2017

I love taking reflection photos.  There is something about the symmetry of a perfect mirror image that never gets old for me. Or the juxtaposition of the inside and the outside of a window reflection.  As a result I am always drawn to photographing reflections. Sometimes the reflections make up the whole photo and sometimes they are just a small element, but  with each trip, I always come back with a few more.

Here are my favorites from 2017, at the same time, chronicling my travels for this year. 

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