25 Morocco Desert Photos to Inspire Your Next Visit to the Sahara

In the Moroccan Sahara Desert

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I have posted some of my favorite photos from my Sahara Desert glamping experience as part of my PhotoPOSTcard series. I have combined those photos, along with others that I really like so that I can share my 25 favorite Morocco desert photos to inspire your next visit to this amazing destination.

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I had the chance to visit the Morocco desert on a three day trip from Marrakesh. This wasn’t just an ultimate bucket list trip for me, it was also an incredible glamping expereince. Spending two nights in the desert allowed me to see its many moods – from the pre dawn chill to the warm glow of the rising sun to the incredible star studded night. It really was an unforgettable experience.

My Morocco Desert Photos

A Sahara Desert sunrise is a magical experience. The sand acts as a canvas, reflecting the mood of the sun throughout the day. The colors change from a pastel pinkish-tan in the predawn light to a deep orange glow as the sun comes up over the dunes and then to an almost colorless grey-white as the sun climbs ever higher.

Sahara desert sunrise


There is life in the Sahara, though not much of it. It seems to cling precariously to the dunes, holding on despite the shifting sands and the ever present lack of water.

Life in the Sahara Desert


The dunes in the Sahara can make you feel very small indeed. Size and distance are hard to gauge without any perspective for reference. It’s only with a person in the scene that the true magnitude of the landscape becomes recognizable.

The vast Sahara dunes


Humans and their animals also attempt to live in the desert, forging a truce with the sun and sand, and leaving behind evidence of habitation. Despite the harsh conditions, hospitality is prevalent.


Experiencing Berber Hospitality


As the sun sets, the shadows grow long and the dunes become the color of burnished gold.

Sahara desert sunset


My favorite time in the desert was the night. With no light pollution to disturb the view, visibility in the night sky was to infinity and beyond. I loved laying in the sand and staring up at the millions of stars in the sky. If the desert made me feel small, the sky made me feel even smaller.

Milky way over the Moroccan Sahara


My Morocco dessert experience was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I hope these photos inspire you to give it a try.

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