Quilting Lectures and Instruction

Lecture:  Because a Quilt has Two Sides

I like piecing, so when it comes to a quilt’s back, I see it as another opportunity to be creative. Whether it’s a simple design using up the leftover pieces from the quilt front, or a unique design that makes the quilt reversible, I try to do something interesting.  In this lecture, I share the tips and tricks I have learned for successfully and easily piecing a quilt back so that it looks as good as your front.

Lecture: Let your Travels Inspire Your Quilt Designs

It is fun to design and come up with your own quilt designs.  But sometimes, it can be a challenge deciding on the fabric choices or color combinations.  I use the colors of the places I travel to inspire me.  I’ll share photos of the places I have traveled and discuss how I used them to inspire my quilt designs.

My 25 favorite travel quilts