Will the modern quilt please stand up?

Last Updated on 08/17/20 by Rose Palmer

Which of the two quilts below is from the 1930’s and which one is a modern version of the double wedding ring quilt design?


Quilt historians are not quite sure when the double wedding ring quilt pattern was first introduced, but they do agree that it became very popular in the depression.  It is still a popular quilt design, often made as a special gift for weddings or anniversaries.

So which is the antique quilt and which is the modern quilt?

The top quilt is from the 1930’s and was displayed at the Rotary Quilt show in Paducah as part of last week’s AQS Quiltweek events.

The bottom quilt is a modern interpretation made by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, also displayed at the AQS Quiltweek event in Paducah.  This is one version of over 60 double wedding ring quilts that Victoria says she has made.


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