PhotoPOSTcard: Egg-centric London Underground Art

I happened upon this art installation at Gloucester Underground Station just by chance. My hotel was just across the street so this was the station that I was coming to and going from for a few days in London. A little bit of Google research told me that this bit of egg-centric art is called “my name is lettie eggsyrub” by British artist Heather Phillipson, and was only recently installed in June, 2018. This work is one of a number of decorative installations that are part of the Art on the Underground projects which are designed to “enrich the journeys of millions on the Tube every day”.  Apparently “for this commission she [Ms. Phillipson] focused on the egg as an object of reproduction, subject to human interference.” And here I though it was a reference to good breakfast restaurants in the area – shows you what I know. Now I am on a mission to find more London Underground art.

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