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FDR Memorial Washington DC

Photo Location – Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington DC.  In honor of President’s Day, I am sharing a photo of one of my favorite memorials along the tidal basin in Washington DC, honoring one of America’s greatest presidents.

Unlike the Lincoln or Jefferson memorials which present those presidents as larger than life and are meant to be looked up to, the FDR memorial is an interactive, organic space that shows the connection between a very human president and the people he was governing. The memorial also includes many of FDR’s most inspiring quotes, including this one.

FDR had the challenge of governing the country during some of the most difficult history of the twentieth century. Clearly, he did something right since he was reelected to four terms as president. His lasting legacy though are many of the legislative acts from which we still benefit today: social security; the FDIC to protect your bank savings; the Securities Exchange Commission; improvements to National Parks lands and buildings by the Civilian Conservation Corps just to name a few.

And in case you were wondering, the name of FDR’s Scottish Terrier was Fala.

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