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Hibiya park

Photo location – Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan.  In a land known for its graceful and serene gardens, Hibiya Park is unusual in that it is designed in the western garden style.

Just south of the Imperial Palace gardens in Tokyo, Hibiya Park was once land owned by a feudal lord during the shogunate period in Japan’s history. The park land was opened to the public in 1903 and provides a green and peaceful respite from the surrounding business district skyscrapers and  noisy city traffic. Unlike the traditional Japanese garden which is designed for strolling through and looking at, Hibiya Park is a garden that is meant to be used, and was Japan’s first western style urban park. The park has outdoor music halls, tennis courts, walking paths, a children’s playground, restaurants and benches for siting and relaxing. An interesting tidbit about the park is that it displays all sorts of mementos from around the world, including a copy of the Liberty Bell donated by the US in 1952.

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