Ancient Petra Photos – A City of Mysteries in Black and White

Petra has been described as a city of mysteries and nothing accentuates that more than seeing Petra photos in black and white.

The ancient city of Petra is Jordan’s premier historical site and also the country’s most visited tourist destination. It is also a popular photography subject.

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13 Petra Photography Tips For All Skill Levels

After visiting Petra twice, I am sharing my Petra photography tips so that you too can have memorable images of your once in a lifetime experience regardless of whether you are using a fancy camera or your smart phone.

Petra was at the top of my travel bucket list for a long time so I was thrilled when I finally had the chance to visit this world famous sight in Jordan.

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Penguins and Ice and So Much More – My Favorite Antarctica Cruise Photos

These are some of my favorite Antarctica cruise photos from my recent trip on the Sapphire Princess that took me around South America and to the Antarctic peninsula. It was quite the adventure.

The feature photo for this post was recognized with an Honorable Mention award in the Landscape and Nature category in the 2023 North American Travel Journalists Association Excellence in Travel Journalism competition.

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The Faces of Laos

In a country with beautiful scenery and a deep spiritual culture, it was the people I met along the way that I remember most. Let these Laos photos inspire you to add this Southeast Asian country to your travel bucket list.

Some of the photos in this post were recognized with awards in the 2023 North America Travel Journalists Association Excellence in Travel Journalism competition. The feature photo for this story received a Bronze award in the Cover or Feature Photo Illustration category

Laos is still one of those off-the-beaten-path countries that requires some effort to get to and even more effort to tour. As a result, I found it pleasantly uncrowded and surprisingly authentic.

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Reflections From 2022

My annual review in words and photos from an incredible year of travel.

Wow! I have been so very fortunate to have had the most incredibly memorable year for travel! And what a difference 12 months can make!

It’s taken me a while to write this up as it was a very, very busy year, but I am continuing my annual end of the year post tradition by reflecting on where I’ve been in 2022 – and sharing some of my reflection photos in the process.

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Beautiful Storybook Norway Photos to Inspire Your Next Trip

I visited Norway on a cruise which was a very easy way to discover the beauty of this highly scenic country. I am sharing my best Norway photos to inspire you to plan your own trip to Norway.

As I cruised through peaceful fjords surrounded by mountain peaks, and visited colorful towns and villages in Norway, I could clearly see the inspiration for a fairy tale movie. As a photographer, I found the scenery to be point-and-shoot beautiful and it didn’t take much artistic license to take Norway photos worthy of a high end magazine spread.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Trying to Make a Living

A crippled beggar hopes for a few coins at the entrance to a church in Cartagena, Columbia. Across the street, a street vendor eats his lunch as he waits for passers-by to purchase a painting. It’s just another day for the locals in Cartagena, trying to make a living.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Pollys Want a Cracker

At the port of Cartagena, you have to pass through an Eco Park on the way back to boarding the cruise ship. After walking all morning with the hot sun beating down on me, it was a lovely, shaded, stroll that was not very long. The park has lots of peacocks, macaws and flamingos, along with shops and eateries.  Even if you do not plan on going into the city, getting off the ship and exploring this area is a pleasant distraction.

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PhotoPOSTcard: Waiting to Make a Dollar in Cartagena

2022 NATJA awardThis story was recognized by the North American Travel Journalists Association with a Silver award in the Portrait Photography category in the 2022 annual media travel awards competition .

The palenqueras of Cartagena  – black women in bright costumes with baskets of fruit on their head – have become a colorful national symbol for their country. All around the old town of Cartagena, I saw these women waiting to have their photos taken in exchange for a tip. Once they saw a potential opportunity, they would put the bowls of fruit on their head, flare their skirts and give a huge smile – and then reach out for the expected dollars.

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PhotoPOSTcard: I Am Dreaming of a White Sand Beach

It is usually Greece’s islands that are associated with sunny beaches. But in the north, the peninsula of Halkidiki is also known for its many choices of beautiful white sand beaches. There are so many to choose from that you could spend many months exploring a different beach each day. What I really liked is that so many of the beaches had beach bars where you could rent a lounge chair for the day for a few euros, and food and drink options were on hand as well.  Now that is a relaxing beach vacation indeed.

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